Work With Angela
1. Schedule an Initial Consultation

During this phone consultation, I’ll answer your questions. We’ll also discuss your health priorities and I can provide you with helpful resources and guidance on how to get essential testing if that’s what you wish. There is no obligation to work with me after this 45-60 minute call. Access my calendar HERE.

2. If you choose to take the next step...

If you choose to move forward, you'll receive a Service Agreement and detailed Health History questionnaire to fill out and return. This is not a medical evaluation or service.

3. Receive and complete instructions for ReCODE labs discussed during your call.

Lab testing for ReCODE implementation is encouraged and the initial lab tests are based on your individual risk factors. Your test results provide important insights, are used to personalize your recommendations, and provide a way to measure improvement. All your questions about this will be answered during your call. 

4. Educational results review and personalized  recommendations for ReCODE program via Zoom.

This is not a diagnostic or medical evaluation, rather it is an educational review of your results relative to target results for the ReCODE program. You'll learn your strengths and areas for improvement as well as how to optimize your results over time without medication. If you are currently taking medication you will continue to work with your doctor for prescription management and medical needs.

5. Participant in and complete the step-by-step online coaching program.

Individual coaching will be provided until the online program is available. To learn more about that program and join the waitlist click HERE.

6. Receive on-going support from Angela and others who are also using the ReCode program via a private group online.  

After you finish your online coaching program, you'll have the opportunity to continue to receive (and give) support and encouragement in an online community with others who are also implementing the ReCODE program. 

7. Retest to monitor progress and adjust as necessary.  

Re-testing, particularly for areas needing improvement, is recommended to monitor progress and make adjustments.

8. If you're ready to schedule your intial consultation click HERE for my calendar.

I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you, answer your questions and help guide you to your next steps. Sometimes you just need to talk with a real person who's knowledgeable without making a commitment - that's the basic purpose of the time we'll spend together. You may or may not decide to partner with me on this journey, but I'm confident I can provide helpful information for your current situation during the call.


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