Looking for answers to Alzheimer's after hitting a dead-end with your doctor? Or maybe you've seen the devastating decline of your mom or dad and want to make sure it doesn't happen to you. I'm Angela Chapman, and I've been there, too. If you're unwilling to accept "nothing can be done," then you're in the right place.

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As a health educator, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and provider of the ReCODE Protocol, my approach is holistic, scientific, educational, and collaborative. I'm not a doctor. I don't diagnose or prescribe medication or give medical advice. Instead, I will empower you to improve your brain health through the functional wellness practices that are foundational for the prevention, reversal, and better management of Alzheimer's disease. This includes testing, educational results reviews, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, referrals to appropriate doctors, and implementation support.

What you also need to know about my approach is that I get it. I'm 56, with a long family history of Alzheimer's disease, and I understand the emotional and financial difficulty of an Alzheimer's diagnosis. I know what it’s like to make the heart-wrenching decision to put a parent in a care facility and how it feels to see her decline. I know how it feels to wonder if it could happen to you, and I know how quickly that thought is dismissed — and yet, how it also lingers. I know what it’s like to be determined to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in my own life, to search for a solution, and to feel skeptical. It's a bold claim, but I'm confident that I will not get Alzheimer's disease, even though my genetics increase my risk. I use the ReCODE Protocol to maintain and improve my brain health for the prevention of Alzheimer's, and I invite you to do the same. When you step beyond fear and uncertainty by taking action, you will gain confidence.

Implementing the ReCODE protocol can be challenging... and expensive. That's why I'm creating my online coaching program. If an affordable step-by-step, easy to understand program for preventing, improving, or managing Alzheimer's disease sounds good to you, be sure to put your name on my waitlist and I'll notify you first! The program will also include some easy DIY info on lab testing and I'll personally coach you through the whole thing.

You can learn more about me on my About page - and I'd love to know a little something about you. Please feel free to send me an email and tell me about your situation as it relates to Alzheimer's disease. You can also join my private Facebook group where I share supportive information and video.


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Angie's insights and understanding of how to help us uncover the underlying issues contributing to Mark's cognitive issues now have become an important lifeline for our family and gave us hope that real solutions exist. Angie has been an encourager, an advocate on our behalf, someone always willing to listen and answer an endless amount of questions, an ever-patient explainer of very complicated medical information, and a great resource in finding other helpful connections on our journey.

Cindy B.

 I began working with Angela in the wake of my mother's dementia diagnosis. In addition to her deep knowledge, practical advice, and compassion, Angela restored my hope. My mom is now living a happy life and my stress-levels and health have improved. Angela's kind guidance causes me to be more mindful of the decisions I make each day to protect my health.

Tracy M.

 I needed someone who would treat me like a friend more than like a patient. I am a Christian, and would pray fervently over who to trust with my future....my only future. I kept having a feeling of comfort when I saw your support page and how you treated your clients. You were so patient in answering my questions and I was so impressed because you are living this protocol with us. Our phone call was very comforting for myself and my wife. There is no doubt I have the right person helping me

Charles N.

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